Have Questions About Our Pet Sitting Services?

Get answers from our team in Sugar Land, TX

As a professional pet sitting company, Awesome Pawz Pet Care, LLC is dedicated to providing high-quality, caring services for all our customers and their furry friends. We offer pet care and pet sitting services for individuals throughout the Sugar Land, TX area.

We receive a lot of questions about our pet sitting services, so we've put together a frequently asked question page to help provide our clients with fast answers.

Q: What Is A Pet Sitter?

A Petsitter is simply a 'babysitter' for your pet!

Q: Why should I use a Awesome Pawz Pet Care, LLC for pet sitting services?

There are many sizes and shapes of Petsitters and Pet Sitting companies. What we believe separates Awesome Pawz Pet Care, LLC from our competition is a more personalized service. It is quite simple to "cookie cut" pet visits, meaning to treat everyone's pets the same. We take the time to learn your pet's habits and quirks, with the ultimate goal of them being more comfortable, less stressed pets. We also schedule a Meet & Greet prior to any pet service so we can meet face to face with you and your pets, accumulate all the necessary details we will need for the visits and of course, answer any questions you may have. The information is stored on our private portal, a convenient interactive database you will have access to update your pet information, manage your schedule and make online payments.

Q: What experience do you have with pets?

A pet sitting company originally began operations in 2003, split into two companies in 2007, where Awesome Pawz Pet Care, LLC was born. The current owner and operations structure has been in place since November 2012. All of our petsitters have experience with pets in various capacities.

Q: What is daily/daytime dog walking?

Daily dog walking is best described as the pet owners being in town but away from home at work for the day. Once daily, typically at midday, we will stop in and take your dog for a walk or have play time in the yard.

Q: What is vacation pet sitting service?

Vacation pet service is when clients are out of town either for a weekend getaway or a vacation. We take care of your pets at prescheduled intervals.

Q: How long is a visit?

Our pet visits are 25 minutes

Q: How many times a day should my pet sitter visit during a vacation?

Pet visits are scheduled based on your preferences, your pets needs and habits and your budget. We do everything from every couple days to 3-4 times per day. We discuss these options on the Meet & Greet.

Q: Can you let me know how my pet is doing while I'm away?

Awesome Pawz Pet Care, LLC send updates by email which can include a picture and sometimes a short video. We arrange this based on your preferences.

Q: Can a pet sitter stay at my home all day or overnight?

We are not set up with personnel to do day-long visits. We are available for overnight visits on special appointment only. It depends completely on availability of the overnight petsitter.

Q: Can my pets stay at the pet sitter's home instead of my home?

We are not set up to take care of pets at our homes.

Q: How much does pet sitting cost?

Pet sitting and dog walking rates are based on location, type of pets, number of pets and number of days needed for service. Our website can give additional details, you can reach us through our CONTACT page and certainly a call or text to our office can get you a specific rate.

Q: Do I meet the sitter before service?

You will meet a representative from the Awesome Pawz Pet Care, LLC on a Meet & Greet that can provide all details as well as gather all necessary information needed for the visits. The information is stored on our private portal, a convenient interactive database to store your pet information, manage your schedule and make online payments. If a petsitter meeting is required we will do our best to arrange in advance of service, based on the availability of the petsitter.

Q: Should my pet sitter be insured?

Every petsitter who is contracted by Awesome Pawz Pet Care, LLC is bonded and insured.

Q: Should my pet sitter be bonded?

Every petsitter who is contracted by Awesome Pawz Pet Care, LLC is bonded and insured.

Q: May I give my pet sitter / dog walker a gratuity?

They would love that! You can leave a cash tip behind in an envelope for the sitter, include it in your payment by check, or if you use Awesome Pawz Pet Care, LLC's online payment service there is a convenient tip box on the payment page as well.

Q: What kind of animals do you care for?

Awesome Pawz Pet Care offers pet sitting services for dogs and cats.

Q: What hours do you provide services?

Pet care services are scheduled in between the hours of 7AM and 9PM. The office hours are 8A - 5P.

Q: Can I be assured of same pet sitter each time?

As much as we believe in sending the same petsitter each visit we can not always guarantee that will be the case. We always try our best to do so. We do not believe in a "revolving door" of petsitters though and will always notify you in advance if the primary petsitter is not available.

Q: Do you board pets?

We do not have a boarding facility therefore we do not board pets.

Q: How is payment handled?

About 4-5 days prior to service beginning an itemized invoice of service is emailed to you. Payment is due on the first visit and can be made by cash, check, and also credit or debit online through our secure private portal. The private portal is a convenient interactive database to store your pet information, manage your schedule and make online payments. For daily dog walks, invoices are sent every Sunday afternoon and are due the first service day of the week, typically Monday.

Q: How do I schedule visits or a Meet & Greet?

The are several ways to schedule pet visits and/or your first Meet & Greet. You can call or text our office at (281) 240-9679. You can go to our website at www.awesomepawz.com and hit the "contact us" tab to fill out the submission form. You can email us at ray@awesomepawspets.com. If you prefer social media you can reach us thru Yelp!, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Thumbtack.

Q: How much advance notice do you require to schedule visits?

While we do our best to accommodate as many requests as possible, it is best to plan at least two weeks in advance minimum to schedule pet visits. All new client visits must be preceded by a Meet & Greet so keep that in mind as well. Anything we schedule is always based on the availability of pet sitters in your area so advance planning is crucial especially on holidays. Though we have been able to "save the day" for some folks with emergencies in the past, we typically are not set up for same day, next or last minute visits.